About us

VIDEO DeutschVera, Isabella, Dominik erklären online Deutsch.

We are three highly-motivated and experienced teachers of German as a foreign/second language. After teaching together for several years at accredited Viennese language schools, we are proud to finally launch our own online school this year.

We offer personalized classes from the comfort of your own home. Everyone is unique and has their own way of learning a new language. That’s why we focus on individualized one-on-one sessions and small groups with a maximum of 4 students. In our personalized online classrooms, we can meet your needs and interests in the best way possible.

Learn German with us in a way that is topical, fun, and related to your personal and professional interests and goals!

Learn German online with Vera


During my early years in school, languages always fascinated me more than anything else. English, French, Latin – all of these languages created a passion that persists to this day. In order to make this passion a profession, I studied Slavonic Studies, learning Czech and Russian. After studying for 6 months in Prague, I moved to Vienna, where I started teaching German as a foreign language alongside my study of Slavonic languages. I finally decided to make teaching languages my profession because I highly enjoy sharing my knowledge and fascination about languages with others.

Learn German online with Isabella


Languages have always been my greatest passion. That’s why, before starting my second Master’s degree in „German as a foreign and second language“, I had studied Russian at university, where I took Dutch and Czech classes alongside my Russian coursework. Since 2013, my passion for languages has been my profession as a teacher of German as a foreign and second language. Through a variety of methods and interesting topics, I spark my students‘ passion for the fascinating and incredibly-structured German language.

Learn German online with Dominik


Following my curiosity and my interest in foreign languages and cultures, I decided to study Transcultural Communication with German, Spanish and Portuguese and combined my studies with a semester abroad in Portugal, an internship in Brazil and worked for 8 months as a language assistant in Spain, where I got my first contact with teaching German as a foreign language. Since that time I knew that I wanted to turn teaching German into my profession and help others to learn about my native language and culture.